There is strong evidence to suggest that the last election of Board Of Directors of Doral Isles, of 2016, was fraudulent.


To that effect, I presented a complaint to the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) and provided a large bulk of evidence of proxies and voting certificates some without signatures, others without name, some signed by other than the owner, signatures that don’t match the signatures on public records, etc.


In the telephone hearing of 1-6-17 to discuss my complaint in which attorneys Mr. Cuevas and Mr. Brown participated, and I was allowed to hear, with arbitrator Ms. Simms, she said, repeatedly and with emphasis, that she will not grant the contention of Mr. Cuevas that complaint to the BOD of election fraud was invalid because the original notice presented to the BOD was inadequate form. Furthermore Ms. Simms said that the review of the evidence presented would lead her to eliminate about 30 proxies and votes certificates “right now” because of irregularities.


Fourteen days later, after receiving additional briefs from the attorneys, she reversed herself and negated altogether the validity of my complaint because the original notice presented to the BOD was inadequate without even considering the evidence presented. It didn’t matter to her if the evidence indicated fraud or not, it didn’t analyze the issue at all.


What happened in those 14 days is a mystery, but certainly it left a horrible situation to go unchecked, one more terrible precedent for homeowners that would not dare to challenge any electoral result no matter how big the probability of fraud.


Many cases like this occur in Dade County and in the whole state of Florida and the regulators just turn the head the other way. The regulators certainly do not have the best interest of the homeowners in mind, it seems that they give in to powerful interests. There is no sense of fairness. Government offices are not fulfilling the community expectations.


No doubt that big changes are needed, and will come, in the legislature and in government offices. Meanwhile community members have to struggle even harder to uphold their rights.

Author: Cambiemos - Doral Isles Residents for Transparency

We are a group of concerned residents of Doral Isles seeking for transparency and proper management of our community's matters.

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