Mr. Rick Scott

Governor of the Great State of Florida

The Capitol 400 S. Monroe Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001


Dear Mr. Scott:


Fraud and theft in Condominiums and Community Associations has been going on for years and not until the story of the arrest of several former Board members of Condominiums and Homeowners Associations (HOA) in South Florida, the community leaders were prompted start looking into the problem.


As a member of Doral Isles Community Association (DICA), a fairly large community with over 1,700 members, and about 7,000 households, in the city of Doral, Fl., I request you interpose your good offices to serve the people of Florida, to ensure that the office of the DBPR serve appropriately the membership of condominiums and HOAs.


I presented a complaint to the DBPR (Case #2016-03-6359) and provided a large bulk of evidence of proxies and voting certificates some without signatures, others without name, some signed by other than the owner, signatures that don’t match the signatures on public records, etc.


In the telephone hearing of 1-6-17 to discuss my complaint in which participated attorneys Cuevas, on behalf of DICA and Brown, on my behalf, I (allowed to hear) and arbitrator Ms. Leah A. Simms, she said, repeatedly and with emphasis, that she will not grant the contention of Mr. Cuevas that complaint to the BOD of election fraud was invalid because the notice presented was in inadequate form. Furthermore Ms. Simms said that the review of the evidence presented would lead her to eliminate about 30 proxies and votes certificates (out 62) “right now” because of irregularities.


Fourteen days later, she reversed herself and negated altogether the validity of my complaint on the basis that the notice presented to the BOD was in inadequate form. It didn’t matter to her if the evidence indicated fraud or not, it didn’t analyze the issue at all.


A similar situation occurred during the election held on May 28, 2015. I complained to DBPR, CAMs section, case #2015038738, against Castle Group, administrators of DICA, referring to irregularities that occurred on that election such as: incomplete proxies, wrong dated proxies, double voting, and falsified signatures in proxies were presented by members of the ruling board. After many months of calls and without much investigation, on February 26, 2016 the DBPR ruled that the case was not sufficiently substantiated despite the fact that the documentation presented showed violations.


The time has come for the people of Florida to sense that justice is done by those that represent us. Your office is the last resort we have. Please reform completely the DBPR to function as an advocate of community members and change the current situation that is affecting the welfare of our families.


Yours truly,


Victor N Suarez, MD

Author: Cambiemos - Doral Isles Residents for Transparency

We are a group of concerned residents of Doral Isles seeking for transparency and proper management of our community's matters.

One thought on “MEMBERS RIGHTS”

  1. Victor. .Wao……mil felicitaciones. Vas un paso adelante. Espectacular carta y muy necesaria. Espero hayas visto el Miami Herald de estos dias.

    Abrazo cordial


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