More About the Lightning Project

  1. About SIB Energy. The attached document, taken from, the government office that keeps the records of all companies incorporated in the state of Florida, clearly shows that SIB Energy was founded in South Carolina in May 1st, 2015, and incorporated in Florida in May 18th, 2015, 18 days after the DI BOD approved and signed the contract to install the jogging pathways lights [April 30th, 2015].sib-energy-llc
  2. DI BOD Approval. Here you will find the minutes of the April 30th, 2015 BOD’s meeting: 15-04-30-bod-meeting-minutes-final

We wonder how is it possible that the BOD enters in a $364,210.00 contract with a non existent corporation at the time of approval?

Author: Cambiemos - Doral Isles Residents for Transparency

We are a group of concerned residents of Doral Isles seeking for transparency and proper management of our community's matters.

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