The following e-mail appeared in the e-mailbox of many of the activists of CAMBIEMOS, on 12-5-2015. According with the list of recipients of that e-mail, it was directed to nobody else in Doral Isles. We don’t know exactly who wrote it, although several of the recipients believe it was the same Bum Park. If that was the case, what would he have attempted to obtain? Could it be to portrait himself as a victim? Could it be that he wanted a reason to initiate legal action to intimidate members of the group CAMBIEMOS?


Incidentally, we have received several blast e-mails from Mr. Bum Park about several non related issues, directed to the same group CAMBIEMOS, with the same writing style (my opinion).


If anyone, other than Bum Park, wrote the letter with the intention to defame him, it would have directed the e-mail to a larger number, non committed, members of the community. It had no purpose whatsoever, to include any activist of CAMBIEMOS.


This case is non sense: the BOD (Bum Park) demands John and Jane Doe. And so, a legal deposition was requested to Maria Huston, Enrique Chauca and Victor Suarez, prior to the initiation of litigation against us for “defamation”. The attorney Pollack, in charge of the case, stated that he selected us 3 because we have written articles and opinions about Bum Park that are similar in nature (?)


This all sounds very much like a telebobela, a cruel one, that punish not only the 3 named members of CAMBIEMOS, victims of a person obviously perturbed, but the whole community because Bum Park is using lots of money of the association, the members’ hard earned money, to pay a very expensive lawyer to prosecute us.


With the request for deposition, the letter followed an ” Exhibit A”, copied here:


“Fellow DI neighbors,


I am organizing all my personal documents to upload pertaining to a recurring rumor within our community that I am going through a financial crisis and improperly executing my duties as President of the BOD.


I am gathering files and proof of my foreclosure, debt and patent lawsuits in order to inform all of Doral Isles of my various dilemmas that disqualify me from my position, However, I wish to ask for mercy or at 1he very least more time so that I may put my affairs in order and continue to pilfer funds from Doral Isles to salvage my home.


Thank you for your patience.




Bumrupt Park


P.S Be careful with a new group that will be making some terrible but factual clams against me. I have attached their log to warn all of you of whats coming.”


In my part, the deposition went as expected. All the questions referred to dates before 12-5-2015. Mr. Pollack asked wheatear: I had a computer, an e-mail account, which company serves the account, I know the other recipients, etc. The answers were obviously yes, and Comcast. He also asked me if I had initiated any action against Bum Park, to this I answered that I complained to the DBPR on September 2015 about election fraud, but the complaint was against Castle Group. He asked me if I knew of the financial difficulties of Bum Park, I answered no. He asked me if I had pronounced myself against Bum Park, I said yes, at the BOD meetings, but I never had the opportunity to express myself because a concerted effort in his part to interrupt and block me.


Nothing more of importance came out of it.


Now, if Bum Park, by doing this litigation, had the idea to hide many things about himself and obstruct CAMBIEMOS in our plans TO MAKE DORAL ISLES ASSOCIATION MORE PARTICIPATIVE, MORE TRANSPARENT, TO ADOPT CLEAR AND COMPREHENSIVE RULES FOR BIDDING, AWARDING, CONTRACTING AND EXECUTING PROJETS AND AVOID WASTE OF OUR MONEY; TO MAKE OUR COMMUNITY MORE SECURE AND KINDER, he really is not getting it. Our determination is now stronger to make those changes.


Victor Suarez

Author: Cambiemos - Doral Isles Residents for Transparency

We are a group of concerned residents of Doral Isles seeking for transparency and proper management of our community's matters.

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