Our Constitutional Rights

Andrew Cuevas attorney of DI Community Association (DICA), on behalf of DICA, is suing me for more than $10,000 for requesting assistance from the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) for arbitration of suspected fraud of election of Board of Directors (BOD) 2016. My request was denied based on technicalities, the DBPR did not even look at the evidence. I presented more than 60 proxies and voting certificates, that clearly seem to be fraudulent.

I presented a similar complaint to the DBPR of suspected fraud on election of BOD 2015 with similar evidence, and was also denied based on technicalities, again the DBPR did not look at the evidence.

Now we have also similar evidence suggestive of fraud on election of BOD 2017.

These documents are at your disposal. In the processes of the complaints participated all members of Cambiemos.

The elections were organized by Castle Group, the BOD and attorney Andrew Cuevas and were directed by attorney Andrew Cuevas. I urge the community to be aware of these abuses of our constitutional rights that are intended to intimidate all of us and perpetuate illegitimate governance by some individuals.

Author: Cambiemos - Doral Isles Residents for Transparency

We are a group of concerned residents of Doral Isles seeking for transparency and proper management of our community's matters.

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